Volunteer Schedule & Tasks

Volunteer Schedule:
(This is good to print out and post at every volunteer table - Door table, raffle sales table, liquor table.  It is also good to send this out to all your helping volunteers a few days before your social so they know what time to report to their assigned station.  Let them know to show up 10minutes before their scheduled time so that they can be briefed on what to do by the shift beforehand.) TIP:  Put your strongest sales people on shift for the 9:30 - 1100 slot and the 11:00 - 12:00 slot.  It's also good to have at least 2 volunteers at each table. 
Extra Tip:  MONEY COLLECTOR - You may also want to have a volunteer whom you TRUST to do cash box pick ups every hour, and perhaps every half an hour during 10pm - 11:30pm.  This volunteer (usually a parent/best man/maid of honour/sister/brother) will clear out all big bills and wads of cash and lock it up in your safe (if you plan on bringing one).  Sometimes the venue will allow you to use their safe, but it's good to bring your own safe granted that you store that in a safe place where it is gaurded and protected all night.  This money collector volunteer will also ensure that there is enough change in the cash boxes.