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Please leave any comments, tips or ideas that will be useful to others for their upcoming Wedding Social Event. Scroll to the bottom for the most recent messages, but most questions/comments on here you will find pretty helpful.  For any other questions, please email:


Jessica H. said...

I was feeling overwhelmed trying to plan my social that's in 5 weeks. I wish I'd seen this site earlier. The timeline info is helpful. I'll let you know how it turned out.

Anonymous said...

My social is in 9 days, I wish I had have found this site earlier as it's helped me more than anyone has tha far. Thank you so much!

Social Goddess said...

Social Success - I went to a social a couple of months ago and it was very organized. They had their raffle ticket sales table away from their liquor sales table so there was no congestion. There were signs on each of the raffle baskets and it was clearly displayed in picture frames. The prizes were insane. 9 grand prizes!!! Most of them were donated by their wedding party. And there were a few people that were circulating the social selling 50/50 tickets. It looked like they made a killing. The music was bumping and the dance floor was packed. There was a huge food table and everyone looked like they were having a good time.

Social Goddess said...

I went to another social and it didn't look like it did very well. The DJ was not very good. They didn't have any updated music and actually played House of Pain and Kris Kross Jump Jump. The songs were sooo dated and no one was dancing. You really need to speak to your DJ before your social night and give them a list of what you want played. Something in this century.

The prizes were okay, but there was nothing that stood out. Just the normal stuff - bbq, patio set, camping package, TV. I was looking to win something that I don't already have. Plus they didn't even draw for the prizes. They just posted the drawn tickets at midnight. The thing that peeves me about that is what happens if someone bought a raffle ticket and then had to leave early and their ticket gets drawn. At the end of the night that prize is not claimed, so does the couple get to take home that prize? When the tickets are actually called and no one claims the prize, there would be a re-draw right on the spot.

The food was okay. Nothing spectacular. Just sandwich meats. No dessert or fruit or veggies.

The bar looked somewhat busy. Drink prices were $2.50.

Overall, some people left early and no one was dancing. It did not appear to look like it had much success.

Anonymous said...

Great site. I just started planning my social for the springtime and this will help guide me.

Social Goddess said...

I heard about this one wedding social held at the Franco Manitoba Centre. They oversold their tickets by 500 over what their venue's maximum capacity holds. This place has its own security, and the security guard only let in what the maximum capacity in the social.

I've been to socials where the venue provides security at the door, and they stand there with their little ticker counter counting how many people are there. Once they've hit the maximum capacity, the security does not let anyone else in until people leave the social. And usually people don't leave until after midnight.

Anyways, the hosts of that social that oversold by 500, ended up getting a huge fine, and many pissed off people who paid their $10 and can't even get in.

Can you sell more tickets than what your venue's maximum capacity holds? This is a tricky question. Sometimes people buy tickets just to support but don't end up coming to the social. You can sell 300 tickets which is the maximum capacity of your venue, and only 200 people show up. This puts a damper on your liquor and raffle sales. But at the same time, you might oversell and everyone shows up and you are over capacity. My suggestion is to go on the Manitoba Liquor website and they have suggestions on how to sell tickets over your venue's maximum capacity. It would suck if you are over capacity and get hit with a huge fine, risk being shut down and have a lot of pissed off people wanting their money back.

Avoid the headache. Plan for a small amount over your maximum capacity and don't be greedy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for creating this site... what a life saver!!! yayayayay :)

Social Goddess said...

I went to a social where the raffle prizes blew everyone away. People were buying raffle tickets like they were going out of style. Most of their prizes were donated by family, but the couple did purchase a couple of the grand prizes. This was their list:

Grand Prizes Include:
1. 1080P 40" Samsung LCD
2. Bose Dock & Apple iTouch
3. Apple iPad
4. Nikon DSLR
5. NFL Quarterback Package

Regular Prizes:
1. Wii
2. North Face Camping Package
3. Fishing Package
4. Women's/Beauty Package
5. Fitness/Yoga Package
6. Skater Package for Kids
7. Games Night Package
8. Lottery Tree
9. Men's Package
10. Kitchen/Home Package
11. Date Night Package

That should give you some ideas of what packages to make.

It was definitely a Wedding Social Success!!! Good job!

*social May 14* said...

My wedding social is coming up in May. I got some really good advise on your site. TY.

Anonymous said...

Okay I'm confused, do I actually need to get a permit for the silent auction, aka player's choice raffle? The Manitoba Gaming Control Commission's website says that they only license charitable or religious organizations. They also say that they cannot issue licences for gambling activities, like raffles, intended to benefit individuals.

So what do people do? Permit or no permit?

Anonymous said...

Our social is in May! Thank you so much for this useful information...I now feel truly confident that i can be ontop of things! Well, anyone know how to schedule the volunteers for (raffle,liquor,50/50) sales? Or how the night should unfold from beginning to end??? Not sure how to do this..

Social Goddess said...

Re: Permit for silent auction.

You do not need a permit to hold a silent auction, but do need an occasional permit if you are having a Fun Casino area. This is the information from the MLCC site:

Fun casinos may be played in an occasional permit area provided
that the area has been reserved and is not accessible to the public. Fun casinos are defined as a casino in which no currency is used for gambling, nor is play money sold.

Anonymous said...

What do you recommend for prices on the perfume bottle? We actually are planning to auction off a gift certificate to the LC for $125 instead, donated by family members. This way whoever wins can get whatever they like! We already have arm length or wing span for 50/50 and just wanted the pricing for this to be simple. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

We're doing both 50/50 and LC gift certificate for $5 an arm's length and $10 a wingspan.

Social Goddess said...

RE: Perfume Bottle Draw Pricing

That $125 Gift Cert to LC is a great prize! What I did for my social that worked out very well, was we sold playing cards:
1 for $3 or
3 for $5

We had 2 Decks of Playing Cards (with a different design face on them) which we got at Dollarama. This gave us a total of 104 cards. We then had people walking around selling these playing cards and when someone bought one, the seller ripped the playing card in half and put half in a raffle bucket and the other half the buyer kept. When it came time for the draw, we called out the Card with the design card description and the winner had to match it with their half to claim their prize.

Anonymous said...

If the LC Commissionaire shows up, what kind of questions will they ask? I'm worried that they'll show up at mine next month.
Thanks and great site.

Anonymous said...

WOW Had no idea I had so much to do! lol This site is answered a lot of my questions about where I need to start to get my social going.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if I can have a social 9 or 10 months before the wedding. The wedding is in a different province and we both have other relatives getting married that same year, so it seems convenient to have it the winter before the wedding... Any ideas or comments would be helpful

Anonymous said...

Hi, having a social at the end of the month, i was wondering what the rules are about showing a ufc fight at my social, UFC land on the same day and worried about people not showing up cause of goin to the fight else where, can someone help me out on this topic

Social Goddess said...

Re: Liquor Commission.
If the LC Commissionaire comes to your social, they usually identify themselves at the door and ask to speak to whomever is on your liquor permit. I've heard that they've gone up to the bartenders and have asked whether they thought that the hall was over capacity. It really depends on the commissionaire what they want to ask and who they want to talk to. Sometimes they just walk around and check to see if there is any minors drinking, if anyone is over their limit, if the raffle tables have any liquor displayed for auction, etc.
Just make sure that whomever is on your permit is not intoxicated and read the pamphlet they give you at the Liquor mart about the responsibilities of the permit holder.

Social Goddess said...

Re: Social 9 or 10 months before
I don't think there's anything wrong with having a social that much in advance. For my wedding social I had it in May and got married in December. It was also a destination wedding so everyone was just happy to come out and celebrate knowing that they couldn't make it to the wedding. It didn't matter when we had the social, so long as we had one.
Most of the time I go to people's social, not knowing when their actual wedding is or even who they are... so I think you will be safe to have your social whenever is convenient for you.

Social Goddess said...

RE: UFC Fight
If you are buying the fight on pay-per-view, you have to pay the commercial rate for it as you are airing it in a public place. The rate is usually significantly higher than if you just bought it and watched it at home. The commercial rate is higher because most places(eg bars, restaurants) charge a cover to come and watch.
If you do want to air this at your social, just take into account that this will cut into your profit, but then again, maybe more people might attend and want to watch it at your social where they can get cheaper booze than if they watched it at some bar.
But it also does take away from the focus of the party which should be on the couple to be wed.
There will be other UFC fights but only one wedding social night for you. I think if people want to come support you, they would come anyways, regardless if you are showing the fight or not.
Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

what kind of beer do you recommend for a social. Also does the venue have to be wheelchair accessible?

Anonymous said...

I have a question about drink tickets. Let's say I have about 5 ticket left when I decide to leave, can i get my money back for the unused tickets?

Social Goddess said...

RE: Kind of beer.
Most people usually get the cheaper, domestic beers rather than the premium imports. Just be sure to include one light beer and one regular beer. For example Bud and Bud Light. But you also have to know the crowd that's going to be attending. At my social, I knew that the majority of beer drinkers coming drank MGD. So I bought a couple cases of MGD but mostly had Bud and Budlight. I sold all the beer at one drink price to cause less confusion. The MGD sold out but the other beer didn't do too badly either.

Re: wheelchair accessible.
Most venues are wheelchair accessible as they fall under the Manitoba building codes. If you prefer to have wheelchair accesibility than you should book your social at a venue that does have this access. So you should check before you book.

Social Goddess said...

Re: Unused drink tickets

No you cannot return your unused drink tickets for a cash refund. Once you buy the tickets, it's a final sale. You can always sell them off to someone else if you have to leave early or just buy a couple at a time so you don't run into that issue.

Anonymous said...

Social Goddess, I just checked the MLCC's website to be sure, and they said that indeed you can get a refund on any unused drink tickets, you just have to ask and they are supposed to refund your money.

Anonymous said...

According to MLCC, event organizer MUST refund unused alcohol tickets at the end of the nite up on request.

Social Goddess said...

Re: Unused Drink Tickets
Thank you for correcting me about getting refunded for your unused drink tickets. I just checked the MLCC website and it is posted on their brochure that:
"The cost of any unused beverage tickets must be refunded
if requested."

Anonymous said...

What does everyone think about having a Theme night for their social? I'm starting to plan mine and was thinking of doing a theme so that it would be fun and different. Any thoughts?

Social Goddess said...

Re: Social theme
A theme for your social isn't a bad idea. Don't forget to indicate the theme of your social on your social ticket for everyone to dress to the theme. You can have a contest for best dressed and give prizes. Or everyone that comes dressed gets a free raffle ticket or something, just to intice them to join the fun.

Here might be a few ideas on theme night socials:

-80's Night: Attire - 80's wear such as leg warmers, pin up jeans, teased/crimped hairstyle, shoulder pads

-Halloween - have your social on or around Halloween and have it costume themed

-Hollywood - everyone to come dressed as their favorite Hollywood star

-Hawaiian - everyone to come dressed in their Hawaiian gear

You can also have a color theme night and suggest everyone wear the wedding color.

Has anyone done a themed social before? I've been to a Hawaiian one and they were giving out fake lays to the first 100 people and the Bride & Groom and wedding party all were dressed in Hawaiian attire.

You can really have a lot of fun with this.

Anonymous said...

Getting married in October. Is it too late to have a social? or can we have a social after the wedding?

Social Goddess said...

Re: October Wedding
Congratulations! And no it's not too late to have a social. The whole point of a social is to raise money to help pay for the ridiculous upcoming wedding costs, so having a social after the wedding just makes it a bit tacky.

If you are worried about not having enough time to plan the social and upcoming wedding, consider doing a social at the end of August or beginning of September. You might also want to consider holding your social at a bar. This way you already have your vendor, music and liquor taken care of. All you need to do is make the social tickets and silent auction. You don't even necessarily need to do a silent auction if you don't think you'll get enough donations by then. You can at least make some money off the social tickets. Call around to some of the bars to see what dates are available and what is offered.

People these days have been more creative with socials. I've heard you can do your social at Rumour's Comedy Club or at Bowling Lanes. It doesn't necessarily have to be a stressful event to plan, especially when your timelines are limited.

Even if you sold 100 tickets @ $10 - that's $1000 that you can put towards paying for your wedding dress, photographer or DJ for your wedding. Every little bit helps.

You might even want to consider having your wedding party/family plan your wedding social. This way you can focus on planning your wedding and they are in control of your social.

Good luck and congratulations again!

natz said...


Social Goddess said...

RE: Natz
Thank you for visiting the site and I'm glad that it has helped you in your planning. Also, congrats on your baby and upcoming wedding! Regarding your question about the location for your social at the Mustangs Football Club, if the majority of your guests are from the South End, then it shouldn't be a problem. If you are having guests come from all around the city, you might want to make a map on the flip side of your social ticket. I know most people have GPS and Google Maps, but sometimes if the map is on the actual ticket, then it makes it easy for them.

I attended a few socials held at the Sunova Centre located on the North Perimeter, and there was always a good turn out even though it was outside of the city.

The only concerns that I see with your venue is that driving down St Mary's, the place is not as easy to locate since it is so far down and not well lit and away from the city. The drive through the park to get to the venue may also be difficult to get to as it is not very well lit. Also, I'm not sure whether you can get cab service out there which may be a concern for those planning to drink at your social. And by November, there's a chance that we may already get snow, which makes it challenging to drive out there and again through the park.

I guess those are some things to consider before you book. People generally like easy access and good parking when they go to a social. If you pick a venue that's closer inside the city, you might stand a better chance with the turn out as it is more convenient for your guests.

Good Luck!

mandytee said...

Hey Everyone,
Is there a "cheapest" place to by all the chips and pretzels for tables?I heard Cosco,the old dutch distributor on Hutchings Street...just checking to see if anyone had any ideas....

Anonymous said...

What an awesome website!! Thank you thank you so much for all the info and tips!! I'm excited to plan my social and will definitely be visiting this site more!!!

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome site!

I bought all my tickets (on rolls), decorations, and packaging stuff from Gale's. Way cheaper than Walmart or those party places.

Chips, juice, and cups were bought at Canadian Club Warehouse on Ellice (or whatever it is called). Cheaper than Costco since you don't have to buy brand name.

Now, selling tickets is a whole different story. There's nothing like whoring yourself out in hopes of breaking even!

Anonymous said...

I rented out a bar-and got my whole deposit back for selling so much alcohol.It was a cash bar,they included the dj,security and all bartenders.We charged $10/ticket and spent $280 feeding everyone-so all it cost us was $280 to host the whole thing-and made almost $5000-I thought we did really good!So much less hassle,and we didn't really care if that choice cost us buy noy buyng and selling our own alcohol-we had a blast!We had 21 regular prizes and 7 grand prizes,too,so I'm sure that helped.We had a great amount of help though-but it was so fun!!

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME! You are an amazing person, for doing something like this. THANK YOU! I was feeling so stressed, but this helps so much!


Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What is a good place to buy the traditional social deli meat/cheese platters?

Petuniasmom said...

Sales at the door?

Regarding the MLCC "rule" that states all tickets must be sold ahead of time, and only those on a "list" can buy at the door. Has anyone heard of this or abided by it? Personally I've been to several socials for friends of friends and never once provided my name ahead of time. thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Loved the pricing sections, and that its very clear.. I am marrying someone from SK and they dont know what a social is.

Anonymous said...

hey everyone,

one social prize that is free and goes over really well is canadian tire money. i asked everyone i know to donate their canadian tire money. you could then use the money to buy something....but a better idea is displaying the money in a clear jar as a prize! you could also have ppl guess how much is in it and the closest person wins.

Social Goddess said...

RE: Ticket sales at the door

You cannot sell tickets at the door, but it is okay to have a "Reserved List" of names at the door. This means, for example, 10 people say they are coming and want their tickets held at the door for them. When they come to the door, they can give their name and get their ticket. This is with the assumption that these tickets are already paid for.

Ray said...

Our social is Feb 18th at Riverview community centre and we have great prizes but we're having a lot of trouble selling tickets.

Any tips at all?

Social Goddess said...

Re: Ray
It's crunch time. One week left til your social. This definitely is the most stressful, yet most important week of social planning. I'm not surprised that you are having troubles selling social tickets up to now. I'm sure others can relate to that the week of their social. My social was about 30% sold the week before my social. The problem with us Winnipegers is that we are all LAST MINUTE ticket buyers. I'm sure you even buy other people's social tickets just days before the event.

Which is why this is your most crucial week for selling. Here are some few tips that might help your sales:
- create a Facebook event page and keep the event open to the public. Invite everyone on your friends list.
- on this event page highlight your grand prizes and most wanted regular prizes.
- since it is the week of Valentine's Day, maybe highlight that.
- make an incentive for people to come and to come early. For example: The first 50 people get one free raffle ticket for our grand prize draw!!! Post this in caps on your event page. You don't really lose money by giving away raffle tickets.
- if you've already done the event page on facebook, send out a message to all reminding them of the event and update any prize info.
- make yourself available to drop off tickets for people wanting to buy. Even if you go out of your way to home deliver 2 tickets to someone, that may just be $20 but once you get them to your social, they end up dropping another $40-$60. Advertise this delivery on your facebook event page.
- see if your wedding party can help sell extra tickets or do ticket delivery
- make sure you hit up everyone at both workplaces, send a mass email out if you work in an office.
- word of mouth. Make sure everyone's talking about it. The week of my social, we spread the word thst tickets were almost all sold out, even though that wasn't 100% true. But people panicked. The night before our social, allour tickets were sold out and were still getting phone calls the next morning asking for tickets. Word also spread that we were having a laptop, pool table, his & her bikes as some of our grandprizes (which we did).

Good luck this week. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged and your gas tank is full. This is the money making week. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I was just wondering, where in Winnipeg do you buy the social tickets that have the 1 number for 25 tickets? Great site!!


Social Goddess said...

Re: Where to buy those raffle ticket cards

You can get those 25 rip ticket cards with the one number on it at Labelle's on Provencher. Party Stuff should have it too. Both those stores have a wide selection of Wedding Social supplies.

If you are looking for those double side (keep one/enter one) tickets, you can buy the big rolls at Party Stuff, BJ Toys Sales (on Regent), Walmart. Be sure to ask if you can return the unused roles if they are not open. This way, you can buy extra rolls so you don't worry about running out.

These single tickets are good for the grand prize tickets and for 50/50 tickets.

Thanks for visiting the site. Good luck with your social!

Anonymous said...

my social is coming up just curious people divided jobs/tasks amongst there wedding party and family.

ChrisD said...

Hi, me and my soon to be wife are having a social on may 25th, an i was wondering if you think if there is such a thing as too many prizes, i think as of right now we have 3 grand prizes being:

42" TV
a car package (with remote starter)
and a "stone" package (which will include 100 sqft of stone of the persons choice and me installing it because I'm a bricklayer, its worth 2500$ lol)

and as for regular prizes we have 14 which is:

BBQ pack
his blu-ray pack
her blu-ray pack
a PS3
Ladies pack
Tool pack
Kitchen pack
Holiday Pack
Gift Card Tree
Lotto Tree
Sports Pack
Family Pack
Adult Pack
and a Mystery Pack :-P

all grand prizes are valued at 500+, and all regular prizes are valued at 200+, is this a sufficient amount of prizes and good selection in your opinion or should we get more?? and what is a list of duties that people volunteering can do?


Social Goddess said...

Volunteer Schedule & Tasks

Please go to that page to see a template for volunteers.

I have had a few requests from people asking about how to divide up stuff that can be done the night of the social. You will need anywhere from 10 - 20 people to help volunteer. These tasks are usually assigned to the wedding party, family, close friends and those others that are offering to help. It is good to schedule people into their assigned time slots a few days before the social and let them know what time they are on shift for. Have them show up 10 minutes beforehand so they can be briefed on what tasks they need to do.

You don't have to use 2 people at a table at a time, but it is a good idea to have a minimum of 2 volunteers at your sales and door table during the hours of 10:30pm - 12:00am. This is the peak busy times. You also don't have to do 50/50 mobile if you can't find enough help, but lots of people buy 50/50 when it comes to them.

Make sure you have someone you can trust to clear the cash boxes frequently throughout the night and lock it up in a safe.

Other tasks that volunteers can do are: set up of raffle packages at the beginning of the night, helping put out food/refilling/keeping area clean, clean up and take down at the end of the night.

Social Goddess said...

RE: ChrisD

WOW, those are great prizes. I especially give kudos to the Stone Package in your grand prizes. It's an original prize and it only costs you your sweat equity.

I think that having lots of prizes would make the buyer feel that there is a good chance that they can win something.

At my social, I had 7 Grand Prizes and about 18 regular prizes. The grand prizes all had an estimated value of over $400. We were lucky with getting a lot of it donated from family & friends, but we did end up shelling out about $800 out of our pocket. But it was good when we were advertising our social that we had 7 Grand Prizes including a Pool table, Laptop computer, Golf Clubs, His & Her Bikes, etc. A lot of people came with the idea that there was a good chance they might win something.

A good tip is that if you want more grand prizes, combine a couple of your regular prizes. For example, you can combine the blu-rays & PS3 and make it a Grand Entertainment package and that would bump up to the grand prize level. Grand prize tickets cost more than regular tickets, so you'll want to push to sell more grand prize tickets.

But I think the list of prizes that you have now is pretty sufficient. I wouldn't go any less than 3 for grand prizes, but if you are able to aim for about 4 or 5 grand prizes, it would present better.

Good luck and great job!

Anonymous said...

I am trying to plan my social for June. Does anyone know how much food to get for 550 people? Also, how many tickets for silent auction and grand prizes? I am so lost! haha Thank you!

Courtney said...

Is it bad etiquette to use social money for destination wedding? Also is there a time limit between social and wedding? I heard within six months of eachother - social etiquette or legal obligation?

Social Goddess said...

Re: June social
You will want to get enough food and save the embarassment of running out. But also consider that there will be about a third of your guests that either bought tickets to support you but don't plan on attending, or that do attend and don't eat. If you are expecting 550 people and you have sold 75% of your tickets already, then I would suggest buying enough food for between 375-400 people. There are lots of deli places in the city where they sell social food platters but you have to pay per head. Another suggestion is going to a bakery factory and buying a few loaves of bread, picking up condiments at costco or wherever and then just ordering the deli platters from any deli. You can also buy chips to put on each table so people can fill themselves up with that.
As per how many rolls of tickets to buy, it would depend on the prizes you have and how many. You can buy the single rip tickets in rolls or you can get that one ticket with 25 little rip tickets. If you are still unsure how many to buy, I would suggest to get the single rip tickets roll and buy enough for your combo packs and single ticket sales. Make sure when you buy these rolls you can return any unused, unopened rolls of tickets. This way you can buy extra rolls if you are worried you'll run out and then return any unused ones.

Good luck!

bridezilla d said...

How much is average to spend on liquor? I talked to a friend and she said she bought $2000 worth of booze and beer. Is that what i will need to shell out?

Social Goddess said...

Re: bridezilla d
How much you spend on your total bill for liquor all depends on what your capacity holds in your venue. There is a calculation sample on the MLC website or you can go through the link on the Liquor tab of this website.
You can check the LC for sales and purchase the bottles ahead of time.
You can buy beer at a beer vendor as it sometimes is priced cheaper than the LC and they also can deliver it cold to your venue the day of.
If you are still not sure, you can visit an LC and someone can go over the license and pricing with you. They may suggest popular brands and popular types ie rye over rum or vodka over gin. Just try and go when the store is slow with other customers.
Also remember, even if you do spend $2000 on liquor, you can return full bottles and full unopened beer cases for some money back.
Charge this expense to a credit card that gives you useful points and don't forget your air miles card. You might be able to earn enough points for a honeymoon (to Regina... Lol)

Anonymous said...


I have a question regarding the perfume bottle raffle...

Can they be displayed on the prize table alongside the other prizes?

I have heard various things about these... If not.. where can they be placed? Or how do people handle this?



Anonymous said...

I am wondering about the liquor prices.. Is $2.50 the current going price for drinks?

Social Goddess said...

Re: perfume draw
According to MLCC, the bottle of liquor that is being raffled of for cannot be held or displayed on site in the venue. It also cannot be awarded to the winner at the time of the function.
For eg, you can't have the bottle in your trunk then when the prizes are called, go run out and grab it while the social is still going.
MLCC suggests a gift card be raffled instead or a letter to the winner detailing where they can pick up their prize and phone number for arrangements.
Personally I like the gift card idea, then the person can pick out whatever they want. Sometimes people won't buy raffle tickets because it is a texas mickey of rye, but the person hates rye. A gift card of $100 or however much might be a better sell.

Social Goddess said...

Re: Drink prices
Hi. The going rate generally is $2.50.
I personally think that is a safe amount to charge. Refer to the liquor section on this site.
I have been to socials charging $4.00 a drink ticket. And the bar area was quiet. I think the less you charge, the more people would decide to drink. There is that minimum $2.25 law though so don't go under that.
You won't make a tonne of money on your liquor sales but you won't make any if you charge too much. In economics, less is more.
I usually set aside $20 for drinks. Usually that gets me 8 drinks. I am happy. But if they charge $4.00, I would only buy one or two drinks and keep the rest of my money.
It is good if you plan on posting your social event on kijiji or facebook and indicate drinks are $2.50. I know some people who like to pregame before a social. These cheap people are withholding sales from you. But if they knew the drinks will be dirt cheap, they likely would not bother to pregame and just drink it up at your social.

Anonymous said...

My bridal party along with my fiancee and I have been floating an idea around regarding the raffle draws.
Since many people enjoy the draw we would still keep that atmosphere and turn off all the music, lights go on and draw for the Grand Prizes. However, we would draw slightly earlier, say 11:30 and post the winning "Regular" prize ticket numbers on a wall or screen.
This is all nothing new. The new aspect would be announcing during the draw that any un-claimed regular prize will be auctioned off to any remaining patrons 30-45 mins after the draws have concluded. This would eliminate having unclaimed prizes and re-draws. Also it would allow people to participate later in the night with something unique.
The con's that have been brought up are that it may be unfair to some of the patrons that have put lots of money into those leftover prizes while any jane/joe can win them for a few bucks. Also people may not be of the best state of mind at that point in the night and it could be considered "taking advantage of their state"/greedy.

These are our thoughts so far since we haven't heard of anyone trying this before. We would love some feedback as the social is in a lil over two weeks.

Thanks for any input.

Social Goddess said...

Re: Reg prize redraws
Hi. I like the idea of drawing part of the prizes earlier, esp the regular prizes since that announcing takes a fair amount of time and takes away from the party. However, there may be other issues with that idea. If you plan on doing combo pack tickets then there would be grand and reg tickets in that pack. If you draw at 11:30 the reg prizes, then all combo pack tickets cannot be sold after this time. They could only buy grand prize tickets. And if you want the winning tickets posted by 11:30, then the cut off sales for any reg or combo packs cut off by 11:15. I think if you do the 11:30 draw, you might lose a percentage of potential sales between 11:15 - 12am. Personally, when I am attending someone's social, I arrive around 10, chat with the couple and find friends, look at the raffle prizes, get myself some drink tickets and drinks, grab some food, dance a little, then I go and buy my raffle tickets. By this time it is already after 11. I think the longer you push the draw, the more time it gives people to buy tickets. I had gone to socials who drew prizes at 11 and had I known that, I would have come earlier or bought tickets earlier. Even an extra 15 minutes of sales can bring in $100.
To answer your question about your redraw for unclaimed prizes, it sounds like you want to sell more tickets for these unclaimed prizes? If that is the case, then yes, there probably would be some pissed off people. I went to a social once and bought my raffle tickets right away and paid $50 for a handful of raffle tickets. Around 11:30, they decided to sell all their combo packs and ticket bundles at 50% off. I was pretty turned off. Here I go and truly support the couple by spending $50 for a small amount of tickets and half an hour later, i could have gotten double the tickets increasing my chances. A lot of people were pretty mad.

Also if people only buy regular prize tickets and you post the winnings at 11:30, they likely would leave shortly after. You would lose out on some drink sales when people leave early.

If you are planning on redrawing unclaimed prizes half hour later but not plan to sell more tickets just would redraw with already purchased tickets, some people might already have thrown away their tickets assuming all prizes were claimed.

I suggest just going with what is tried and works. Calling all reg and grand prizes at midnight. Sure it takes away from the party, but if you have an organized system (ie having all ticket bags lined up and ready to go) it can really be done in half an hour or less.

Good luck. Next two weeks will be madness for sure :).

Anonymous said...

Hey Socialists =P I have a question for you guys! I've been thinking about this over the past few weeks ahs I was wondering.. Is it ok to have a wedding social and then have a destination wedding for us and our guests? Or is this in poor taste?? I've heard lots of mixed views on this topic! I once heard of a couple who had a wedding social, got married ( just the two of them, no guests) in Mexico, and used the remaining social money to pay off their student loans! We would like to have a social and then a destination wedding WITH guests, but are unsure if this is acceptable. Any advice would be appreciated =)

Social Goddess said...

RE: Social and Destination wedding

Hi, IMHO I do not think it is in poor taste at all to have a wedding social even if you have a destination wedding, with or without guests. Destination weddings are pricey so any monetary help towards those costs would be nice. Even that couple who married in Mexico without guests, they still had wedding costs that they needed to cover, they were just lucky enough to have money left over.
My wedding was destination and we had a wedding social. At first we were hesitant too, but our family and friends convinced us it was a way to party with us in case they couldn't make it out for the wedding. The money did come in handy too.
So definitely go for it and have a social and don't feel bad. You would probably regret not having one once you see your wedding bill. Lol. I have been to many socials where the wedding was destination, and sometimes I don't even know the couple or whether they were getting married here or destination and still went anyways.
Have a blast planning your wedding social and an awesome time at your wedding. I love destination weddings. It is a one week party!

Anonymous said...

Question for you guys. When it comes to kids attending the social, I'm assuming they count towards the room capacity, what about the liquor license? Does this affect anything? I would think not, as they're not consuming any alcohol. As well, do you charge kids to attend? I'm leaning towards no, as they won't be drinking or consuming very much. Just thought I'd check, as I haven't found any information in regards to this. Thanks!

As for the person who asked about having a social if you're having a destination wedding. I'm kind of on the fence about this. If I were you, I probably wouldn't have a social but at the same time, a lot of people are invited to the social in general who aren't invited to the wedding. Tough call!

Anonymous said...


I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good social DJ.

I've heard good and bad about Crystal Sound, but was looking at Soundwave music, has anyone used either of them?


Social Goddess said...

Re: Minors
Hi. Yes minors are considered to be part of your head count for the capacity at your venue but not for your liquor license as they will not be allowed to purchase any drinks. Most people do not charge for kids 12 and under.

Social Goddess said...

Re: DJ
A good place to look for DJs that aren't commercial is by searching Kijiji or even putting an ad up requesting for dj services. They usually have more up to date music, remixes and charge a lot less. Just make sure you have a written contract with them and leave a traceable deposit. Many a times people get screwed by their DJ but have no contract to back them up.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the maid of honor for my sisters social coming up on March 1st. We're still looking for prizes. I own an esthetics business but there is only so many pedicure and manicure gift certificates needed for one social. Anyone else in the same predicament? Want to trade gift certificates? email me if interested:

Anonymous said...

I'm planning my wedding social and was wondering how much money you keep as a float in the cash boxes?

Anonymous said...

I lost 120 lbs and needed skin surgery to remove excess skin. I am having a benefit social after the fact to recoup some surgery costs (cost me $10,000).

I'm wondering what is something different I can do for the draws? I'm having the regular auction and grand prize, and was thinking 50/50 and the bottle / gift certificate.

I know of the tickets and the playing cards, but has anyone seen any other fun and interesting things people have done with the tickets?

Also, I'm having a "reveal" around 9:00 and walking through a before picture. Do you think time wise that is too early, or should I move it to 9:15/9:30? I don't want it too late, as I want enough time to dance and have fun, but not too early as I would like some people there. haha.

LOVE the site, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your hard work on this site it is very helpful.

I would like to say however that some socials ARE worth more then a $10 ticket. I have been to "value added" socials with $15 and $20 tickets and not batted an eye. I really don't like the attitude that socials have to cost $10 when you are offering something unique...such as a live band, or unlimited pool, or free bowling. Sometimes people are also offering a higher level of food, not the standard meat and bread, and that also be considered in the ticket price. These are alternative ideas that sometimes cost more and therefore justify a higher ticket price.

My social is $15, but we having games and prizes and tons of extras and we are not making the money on the alcohol, so as far as I'm concerned they can drink less and pass the money on to us :)

Again great job on the site...sorry for the rant lol

Anonymous said...

What do you think of the recent changes in liquor laws? My fiance and I went to purchase our license for our April 2014 social and were told that, with the new regulations, raffle tickets--for regular AND grand prizes--cannot be priced higher than $2! I panicked for a moment thinking that we'd lose a lot of money, but now that I've considered it more, I guess people will spend the same amount of money they were planning on spending in the first place. Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I too am very curious how the new laws will change the way we do things at socials.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they are now officially allowing raffles. Only issue is the the max you can charge is $2 per ticket.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find out that you can only charge $2?
Do we need a license for raffle draws? I emailed lotteries a month ago they just told me it was illegal. But clearly everyone does it. Help! Social is a week away and we have prize tickets for grand prizes at $3

Social Goddess said...

Hi everyone
Here is the info about the new rules effective Apr 1/14 and silent auction draws.

Can I have a raffle at my wedding social?

Yes. As of April 1, our new permit application doubles as a raffle authorization if you plan to hold a raffle as part of your event.

Under the new authorization, a raffle may be conducted at a permit event if the box on the application is checked at the approved permit notes that there will be a raffle. The permit holder must comply with terms and conditions listed on the back of the permit, including:

The amount or value of each raffle prize must not exceed $500.Revenue for the raffle must not exceed $10,000.

These rules are in place so that the raffle complies with Section 207(1)(d) of theCriminal Code (Canada).

The LGA recognizes that many permits were issued before April 1 for events throughout 2014 and that these did not include the option for a raffle authorization. This is a transitional period for the new liquor laws and we will not be enforcing the lack of a raffle authorization at socials. We will phase in this requirement over 2014 by educating permit holders about the raffle requirements and helping them design their events accordingly.

Social Goddess said...

I will be updating the site with the new LGA links. But if you have any questions, definitely call or email them. This is their contact info.


Please click below for answers to some common questions about permits. You can also email our Permit Department or contact us at 204-474-5666 or toll-free at 1-888-898-6522.


Social Goddess said...

This was from the Access Winnipeg site:
The existing Social Occasion Permit required to serve liquor at a Manitoba social will now include a raffle option. This option must be selected if you will be hosting a 50/50 raffle or a players choice raffle at your event.

An approved permit will allow you to hold your raffle and will require you to comply with limits set by the Criminal Code (Canada):

The amount of or value of each raffle prize must not exceed $500

Value of prizes you purchase for your raffle can not exceed $500. However, if a prize is donated (like a $800 Big Screen TV donated by the Best Man and Maid of Honour), it is valued at $0.

Each raffle ticket can’t cost more than $2, so you won’t be able to sell a package of 5 Grand Prize Raffle Tickets for $20 ($4 each). The package must be sold for $10.

You can still sell an arms length of 50/50 tickets for $10, as long as there is a minimum 5 tickets in that arms length (making it $2 each).

On the plus side, Liquor can now be legally raffled off at socials, but it can’t be opened or consumed until the winner gets it home. There’s no need to call it “perfume” anymore.

The point of the new approval is to ensure the events are fair and that people enjoy the social. Any permit obtained before April 1, 2014 will not be subject to the new law.

For more information, visit the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba website.

Anonymous said...

Is it true you will need to claim what you made from your social as income? I am having mine next year and have to say I am extremely upset to hear you now have to claim it. That is double dipping as you're already paying taxes on your liquor, your prizes if you need to purchase, the hall rental etc... Does this mean you can claim your wedding as an expense? HAHA I'm sure that won't get me very far!

Kayla Heywood said...

My wedding social is coming up in July, and as I am not really the girly type I just don't know what kind of dress I am expected to wear.. Or what would be considered appropriate. Most socials I have been to it looks like the bride spent tons on her dress and looked amazing!! My husband to be is going to be in some suit. So I just don't know... Ideas please.. Anyone?!

Melissa said...

So I see that the limit for a raffle prize is $500, so that happens if the 50/50 goes over $1000 (more than $500 for the winner) I am wondering if anyone has encountered this and how it was handled - Thanks

Trisha M said...

Where can I get social prizes donated from, please email, thanks on advance!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful site I just started planning my social but still haven't totally planned my wedding. this is for all you that's like me Wedding planning is not fun and Its Love makes it easy!

Social Goddess said...

Hi Wedding Social Planners!
It is now February and Wedding Social season is just around the corner. I know I already purchased tickets for 4 upcoming wedding socials and attended 1 last month.

Thank you to all the kind comments and for keeping this site going for 5 years!

Also, just a note... with Target Canada starting their 2nd phase of liquidation process, you might want to check out the deals you can get for your raffles. Good time to look at any electronics or any packages you want to put together.

If you have a large enough wedding party, it's also good to get everyone together for a meeting to brainstorm for any ideas that will make your social stand out from the rest! This includes any games, prize ideas, themes, etc.

Why not do a zombie theme social and get everyone to dress up? Or a sports jersey theme? On your social ticket, make sure you mention the dress code, and also give out a ticket for anyone who dresses up to be entered for a separate draw aside from the raffle baskets. Or get everyone to dress in black or white shirt and jeans. Also fantabulous for photo ops and posting all over social media!!!

Enjoy your planning!

Rebecca Karalash said...

Hey everyone! my friend goes to school in BC so I offered to plan her wedding social for her here in Winnipeg. Here are some tips that worked out great for us!!

Social Hashtag: post a request that people use your social hastag such as #jackandjillssocial while sharing their photos to social networks.

Thank You Table Cards: the couple had beautiful candid photos of their proposal so i created a collage with a thank you blurb to all of the guest and had them placed on all of the tables.

Beer Pong Tournament: this usually targets the younger or middle aged crowd however a beer pong tournament is a good way to keep up the excitement, allows conversation between unfamiliar guests, and gives the "i don't like to dance" ers something to watch and occupy their time.

Door Prize: i went ahead and hit a wholesale candy store and purchased a couple pounds of candy for practically nothing. placed them in a nice decorative vase/glass container and put some gift certificates and gift cards that were donated in the center. whoever guessed the right amount of candy took it home. everyone loved the fact that you actually had to work for it.

these are just a few minor cheap touches that can really make your social stand out. i hope these help everyone!

Anonymous said...

Great site! Just wondering if I am having a wedding social on NYE, should I be charging more for tickets since our costs are higher (hall rental, DJ rental)? And if so, how much?

Anonymous said...

Anon, I'm having mine on NYE, and we're charging $15. I've had a lot of people gawk at this, but we're providing some extras to make up for it, and we found the prices didn't chance a whole lot for who we went through. Guess it depends. Good luck!!

Cherelle said...

Question: can I have a reception social? Or is this a faux pas? Recently engaged, wedding date in 5 months, with major holidays in between. Not sure if there's enough time to hold a pre-wedding social. Would a reception social be okay?!?! Do you a silent auction at at reception?!!! Thoughts please!!!

Social Goddess said...

Re: NYE Social
I think it is reasonable to charge $15 per ticket for your social on new years eve. Most people pay upwards of $40 to go somewhere for that night. As long as you market it right. Maybe say there will be champagne served at midnight or something, and just buy the cheapest bubbly out there. Or entice them by making it a black tie event so people can get all fancy.

Social Goddess said...

Re: Cherelle - Reception Social
Hi. Thanks for visiting the site. I don't think a reception social is necessarily a faux pas but it might confuse some guests. The purpose of a wedding social is to raise money to help pay for upcoming wedding costs. I guess if you are raising money the night of your wedding, it would still help in paying credit card bills associated with the wedding. I went to one a few years back. Attended the ceremony and then went on to the reception in the evening. When I arrivrd, it was set up like a social with raffle prizes and a dance with the bride or groom for a dollar type games and a cash/buy tickets bar. I was confused as to if it was a social or reception. I came in with my wedding card and presentation money for the couple but then had to buy raffle tickets and drink tickets that I didn't bring enough money for.
I think if you make it clear on your invitation that it is a social reception with raffle prizes and cash bar then people would know what to expect and will bring money accordingly. It depends on how you envision your wedding day, but ultimately it is your day, so plan it as you want it. I think that it might be more of a headache trying to plan for your perfect day while having to round up silent auction prizes for it. Or if you plan on selling tickets for your reception, then people you won't want might be there and it is your special day.
You can still plan a separate wedding social if you really wanted and it doesn't have to be big planning or elaborate. Call around to bars/lounges to see what the costs are to do a social at their venue. Lots of places don't charge a fee, but they profit off the liquor sales and provide the DJ. You just need to sell the social tickets and do the silent auction. You won't really be at much of a loss if you don't sell many tickets because your overhead costs would be very minimal. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I've had a few people tell me that because my fiance and I are in our 40s, that we are too old to have a wedding social as a means of fundraising for a wedding. Because we are in our 40s, I was told, we should already be financially well established to pay for our wedding ourselves, and thus people won't come. Any thoughts?
Also, there are some aspects of a social that I'm not such a big fan of, like the music being so loud that people can hardly hear the person next to them, making it tough to socialize.
How do you make a social more a celebration of the bride and groom, and less about the loud music and overdrinking?
I'm sorry that I sound negative. This is my first time planning a social and want to know how to make it unique. Thanks for any input, Social Goddess!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to pass this on to any Manitobans having a social in next few months. I just had my wedding and was able to provide my own liquor for it. When I was picking up my beer I learned about a promotion on Miller Lite right now where you get a $10 gift card for each case you buy. This saved me $250 on my beer and the Miller Lite was a hit, didnt have to return a single case. I did some research and seems almost all of the major vendors in Winnipeg have this deal and when I asked how long it was going to run for they said at least until December, maybe longer. If you have a halloween social or any event in next 2 or 3 months I suggest you stock up.

Anonymous said...

Where was the Miller Lite promo? At Liquor Mart or the beer vendors?

Layne's Mom said...

Quick question. What do you feel is the proper etiquette for price tags left on the items in the raffle basket/prize?

Layne's Mom said...
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Emily said...

Not social related but wedding related.... If you are planning on a popcorn bar at your wedding in selling pretty much all you need to have one!

Please view this ad:

Wedding Popcorn Bar Essentials,

Anonymous said...

Now that MB liquor has a policy about the 50/50, are we only allowed to make at least $1000? or can we go beyond that?

Unknown said...

very helpfull

Social Goddess said...

I don't see any issues with it. As a social goer, I kind of like seeing how much the prize is worth that I can win. Some socials actually advertise the value of each prize basket.

Kaylah Ainslie said...

Can you have wine I your silent auction baskets?

Unknown said...

How do you go about charging for for silent auction sheets? How many sheets do you put with how many grand prize tickets? My wedding social is in oct 2016

Anonymous said...

Hello we are thinking of selling combo packs for $40. But am struggling with how many regular prize sheets we should put in and ho many grand prize tickets. I don't want to put in to many or to few. We have 8 grand prizes and 30 regular prizes.

Shannon said...

I heard about this cool app on the radio this morning to sell your social tickets online!

Anonymous said...

This is a tip for people doing 50/50 and raffle prize packages. You have essentially 3 hour window to try and raise as much money as possible for the Bride and Groom, you need to get your entourage (groomsmen and bridesmaids) to understand this. They will be doing most of the selling for you, I know you are all thinking of $5 and $10 for an arms lengths of 50/50 tickets. Throw that idea out the door. Think about what you are actually selling, change the actual expectation to $20 for 50/50 tickets and essentially give them as many tickets as they want to a certain extent. If they want 2 or 3 arm lengths whatever, give it to them! You are actually just selling paper, it costs you pennies to give people extra tickets. This was the strategy I used at my social. Our 50/50 ended up being 5500 total, so the winning individual walked away with over 2700 dollars. As for the Raffle prize packages, show value in buying premade packages. Again you're only selling paper, we set the premade packages for $40, or you could do 2 for $70. But if someone was on the fence, i told my entourage to just sell for $60 or make whatever deal they wanted as long as money was exchanged. Just hustle hard! to give you an idea of how well those packages did we premade 300 packages, sold out of them and sold probably an additional 100 after to sell. Good luck to all those having socials.

CONNIE said...

Thank you for all your ideas.I am having a social for my daughter and was wondering how many grand prize and regular prize tickets you put in bundles.

Anonymous said...

My brother had a social in his future wife's hometown. We were wandering if he'd be able to have a social in our home community as well, for our family, like getting the liquor license and everything and selling the booze and what not???

Social Goddess said...

Hi, great idea to have a party for those who couldn't make the first social and in your town. There wouldn't be an issue to get another liquor license and buy booze. But depending on how many people you are expecting, maybe check if your local bar can host the social. If you are only expecting 40 people, renting a hall, getting the liquor license and booze and renting a DJ will cost money and so there won't be much if any profits made. If the purpose of the social is just for family and friends who couldn't make the first social, and making money isn't the main goal, then definitely see about having it at a bar or at a neighboring town bar. You won't make money off the booze, but you'll make money off ticket sales, raffle and 50/50. Good luck.

lyndsay ladobruk said...

Hey great site have you heard of anyone doing a rumors comedy club social. Very little work involved. We are looking to make a bit of cash to help with our wedding but make it as easy, different and fun as possible. Love to hear an other ideas.

Diane Brandson said...

I don't think there can be too many Grand Prizes. I Was at a social at the Sungrow centre in Beausejour in March, they had 8grand prizes and about 15 regular prizes. They netted $20,000. profit after it was all over. Also the biggest crowd turn out I have ever seen. Must have been about 600 at the social.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there can be too many Grand Prizes. I Was at a social at the Sungrow centre in Beausejour in March, they had 8grand prizes and about 15 regular prizes. They netted $20,000. profit after it was all over. Also the biggest crowd turn out I have ever seen. Must have been about 600 at the social.

Anonymous said...

Would you charge a Child for a ticket? Ages 7 and 5?

KJ said...

We were thinking of doing either a Halloween social or New Year Eve, since people are always looking for something to do on those days anyways.

How much time should there be between the social and the wedding? because the wedding wouldn't be until September the following year, so Halloween would almost be a year gap and new years would be about 9 months. Is that too much? or who cares?

I'm in the who cares boat, but what do I know?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever planned or attended a wedding social at a bowling alley? Would you recommend it? My fiance and I like the idea that its a bit unique and that we don't have to worry about the alcohol portion. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

so we have our social tickets printed. Wondering when someone just wants a support ticket are they different from your regular social ticket? Or do you just write on there support ticket ? Tia