1. Get engaged (this always helps before having a wedding social)

  2. 6 - 12 months in advance:  Visit different venues and bring a cheque.  Most places require a deposit to hold your date. Make sure that the date you've chosen does not fall on the same date as a big concert or event.

  3. 6 - 12 months in advance: Start shopping around for good sales for your raffle prizes.
  4. 3 months in advance: Get your social tickets printed and start selling.  Remember, Winnipegers are very last minute people.  They probably won't buy tickets until the day before your social, so don't be disappointed if you don't make the bulk of your sales until the week of your social.  But you need to have tickets well in advance so that the word starts to get out there and surprisingly, there are some people that do buy tickets early.

  5. 3 - 6 months in advance: Book your DJ and confirm your date with a deposit if necessary.
  6. 2 months in advance: Market and advertise your social any way you can.  Facebook is pretty popular where you can create an event and invite everyone.  Or send out eVites.  But word of mouth is always the best marketing.

  7. 1 - 2 months in advance: Order your liquor from a Liquor mart or beer vendor.  If they offer delivery, take it. It will be less hassle for you the day of your social.
  8. 1 month in advance: Start buying your rolls of Raffle Tickets - grand and regular, 50/50 Tickets and Liquor Tickets.  Also start stocking up on plates, napkins, cutlery, cups.  You will also need cash boxes (at least 3: one for the Raffles, one for the Liquor; and one for the 50/50 Draw) Check Party Stuff, Labelle's Bridal, Gale's Warehouse,  Costco,  Liquidation World.

  9. 3 weeks in advance: Start assembling your raffle baskets. Update your Facebook Event page with what regular and grand prizes you will be raffling.  Sometimes this will entice more people to come if they see that they have a chance at winning an Apple MacBook.  Order a custom banner of your names that you can display by the DJ.  There are many places around the city that you can get a banner for about $25.

  10. 2 weeks in advance: See what needs to be added to your raffle baskets, collect any sold tickets, place any catering orders, bundle raffle tickets into combo packages, contact your DJ about any special songs you want played.

  11. Week of your social: Take a deep breath.  You are almost there.
    Continue to sell and collect social tickets; assemble any prizes for display; package your raffle baskets; construct a volunteer schedule for those willing to help at the door or sell raffle/liquor tickets; organize the things you need to take to the venue; go to the bank and get a few rolls or loonies, toonies, quarters, $5 and $10; arrange for transportation (van or truck) to load all the liquor and social prizes to the venue.

  12. Social Night Schedule -----> refer to 'The Social' page on this site.