Regular Prize Raffle

Think of yourself attending a social. When you see little baskets, you are not interested in buying raffle tickets. So when assembling your prizes, just remember, THE BIGGER - THE BETTER. People like seeing big baskets filled with lots of things.

Friends and family love contributing to socials, so if they ask how and what they can do to contribute to your raffle baskets, you need to be prepared, otherwise you won't see them again until your social and would miss out on their contribution. If they want to contribute an entire basket, give them a theme basket they can be responsible for (see below).

Also watch out for good sales. Sometimes you can get a good clearance item that you can use for a basket and always indicate the actual retail price, not the sale price you got it for.

Once you've assembled your baskets:
find a theme for it, list out all the stuff, the estimated retail value of it, and who it was donated by - then display this information in front of the basket. People like to read what they are going to win.

Here are some ideas for 'Regular' Prize baskets. Listed is stuff that you may want to throw in to each theme. Remember the bigger items will catch people's eyes: (you want it to retail anywhere from $100 - $300)
  • Sports Package - football, baseball, fooze ball table, jerseys, tickets to a sporting event, season tickets to a sporting event.
  • Fitness Package - Yoga exercise equipment, a work out bench, small trampoline, passes to a fitness facility (you can usually get free day passes from gyms), weights, fitness videos.
  • Night Out Package - Gift Certificate to a restaurant, Gift Certificate to a hotel (if you've booked your venue for your wedding at a hotel, they usually give you a gift certificate for a free hotel night stay), tickets to an upcoming concert.
  • Entertainment Package - Dvd Player and Small TV (remember they don't have to be name brand in the regular baskets. People will still put their tickets for this basket because it's a TV and DVD player).
  • Tool Package - Assorted tools, bench, tool box. Check Canadian Tire when they have their sales and you can usually get some tools for cheap. You want big items as they stand out more.
  • Kitchen Package - Assorted kitchen gadgets. This stuff you can collect around from people who have new kitchen stuff that they are storing in their basement and will never use.
  • Summer Package - Beach chairs, beach umbrella, margarita glasses, patio set (look for sales at the end of summer where you can get a full patio set for more than half price), fire pit.
  • Womens' Package - Assorted bath products, foot spa, gift certificates for hair/massage/spa, makeup vanity, name brand purse, fashion items, make-up. (Some hair salons will donate gift certificates)
  • Other baskets you can create can include: Digital camera, Mini-Dvd player, Massagers, Kids package filled with toys, Sweet Tooth package filled with junk food and popcorn maker, Fishing/Camping package, Home Gardening Package. Check e-bay or kiijiji for a lot of stuff that you can use in your baskets.
TIP:  Some businesses around the city give out gift certificates or coupons to Wedding Socials if requested by a letter and a voided social ticket attached.  It does take a lot of time to write up the letter, drop off the letter, and then wait for them to respond to you whether they have something, and then you have to go back and pick it up.  An easier way to do this is to email a donation letter with your scanned social ticket to various businesses and if someone bites, then you only have to make one trip to go and pick up their donation.

However, just remember that someone won't buy raffle tickets because they want that coupon for 10% off Love Nest, or a Free game of bowling.  They would put it in for whatever else has caught their eye in that basket.  For example, if you make an Adult XXX package with sex toys, adult DVD's and the Love Nest coupon, they aren't trying to win the Love Nest coupon.  So it might not really help your baskets for these freebies and might just be more of a headache for you.