The pricing used here is suggestive and common among most socials.  Feel free to charge more or less.  The only pricing that you need to comply by is that liquor cannot be sold for less than $2.25 a drink and raffle tickets cannot be more than $2 per ticket.

 Social Ticket $10.00

Liquor & Beer Tickets
$2.50 1 drink
$20.00 8 drinks
50/50 $5.00 Arm Length
$10.00 Wing Span

*** NEW FOR 2014***
The Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba has set aside new raffle ticket pricing that you must comply by.  
Effective April 1, 2014, your approved social permit will allow you to hold your raffle and require you to comply with these limits that are set by the Criminal Code (Canada):
  • The amount of or value of each raffle prize must not exceed $500.
  • Each ticket cannot cost more than $2.

Regular Prize Baskets

$10.00 5 Tickets
$20.00 20 Tickets 

Grand Prize Baskets

$10.00 3 Tickets
$20.00 10 Tickets
Raffle Combo Packs

$40.00 25 Reg/15 Grand
$50.00 40 Reg/20 Grand

The raffle combo packs are usually a huge sell because it gives the buyer both regular and grand prize tickets at a discounted cost.

TIP: Most people come to socials with $60 because ATM's shoot money out in $20 denominations. With this $60, they generally spend $10-$20 on drinks, and $40 - $50 on raffle and 50/50 tickets. If you charge too much for your tickets, people will be going home with the money they brought.  If you sell your tickets at an attractive price, people will spend.

If you think that you are giving too many raffle tickets for the price,  you aren't losing any money, so it shouldn't matter whether you give out 100 tickets or 2 tickets.


You can buy cards that only have 1 number and 25 individual rip tickets with that same number.  You can charge $20 per card for your regular prizes.  And then you still should get separate grand prize tickets but in a different color than your regular prize tickets and charge $30 per card.  To make a combo for this, you can do 1 regular prize card and 1 grand prize card for $40.  I guarantee you those will sell out!!
These tickets can be bought at Labelle's, and Party Stuff.