Here's a checklist of what you need to bring and do:
  • Cash Boxes (at least 3) - you can use fishing tackle boxes. One for the Raffle Sales, one for the Liquor Sales and one for the 50/50 Sales.

  • A big box where people can put their 50/50 tickets in.  Clearly display on the box that it's for 50/50 tickets.

  • A Safe to put your collected money throughout the night.  Put someone responsible for collecting the from the liquor and raffle table sales every half an hour or so and depositing this in the safe.  At the end of the night, when all your money has been deposited into the safe, make sure that you have someone guard it and never leave it unattended.

  • All your kitchen and food supplies.

  • Pick up your liquor and put beer in the coolers.

  • Set up your tables for: Front Door, Raffle Sales Table, Liquor Sales Table, DJ Table, Food Tables, Raffle Prize Tables.  If there is a stage, usually that is where your DJ is set up. The Raffle Prizes can also be displayed on the edge of this stage.  Put out cash boxes at each sales table with sufficient amount of change.

  • Arrange all your raffle baskets. Put your regular prizes together and try to make a separation for the grand prizes.  Display the signs in front of each prize of what each basket contains. Put Christmas lights between each basket.  This will help give off a little light and will add some decor to your stage.

The reality of it is, planning a wedding social can be stressful and your success of it depends on all factors from finding the right place, picking the right DJ, the food and liquor being served, the help you'll get, and the prizes that you can accumulate all prior to the event! 

Good Luck and Have Fun. 
There's no dollar amount that determines whether your social is a success or not. 
If, after all the stress of planning a social, you and your future spouse still want to get married, that's a success!

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